Indian Spirituality
Falcon People
3/21 - 4/19
Beaver People
4/20 - 5/20
Deer People
521 - 6/20
Woodpecker People
6/21 - 7/21
Salmon People
7/22 - 8/21
Brown Bear People
8/22 - 9/21
Crow People
9/22 - 10/22
Snake People
10/23 - 11/22
Owl People
11/23 - 12/21
Goose People
12/21 - 1/19
Otter People
1/20 - 2/18
Wolf People
2/19 - 3/20
Taken from "Earth Medicine, a Shamanic way to Self Discovery" by Kenneth Meadows
Summary for Falcon People
Birth Dates March 21st - April 19th
Earth Influence The Awakening Time
Totem Eagle
Direction North-East
Influencing Wind The East Winds
Element Fire
Elemental Hawk (fire) Clan
Function To Initiate
Birth & Animal Totem Falcon
Plant Totem Dandelion
Stone Totem Opal
Polarity Totem Crow
Affinity Color Yellow/Green
Musical Vibration C Sharp
Personality Active, Forceful, Impetuous
Feelings Quickly Aroused
Nature Impulsive
Intention Activity, New Beginnings
Positive Traits Enterprising, Pioneering, Adventurous, Affable
Negative Traits Selfish, Egotistical, Impatient
Sex Drive Easily Aroused, Quick, Fiery and Passionate
Compatibility's Salmons and Owls
Conscious Aim To initiate and to lead
Subconscious Desire Knowledge through personal experience
Life Path Establishment of individuality through discernment
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Patience, Persistence, Compassion
Should Avoid Vanity, Conceit, Intolerance
Summary for Beaver People
Birth Dates April 20th - May 20th
Earth Influence The Growing Time
Totem Eagle
Influencing Wind The East winds
Direction East
Element Earth With Fire
Elemental Turtle (earth) Clan
Function To Consolidate
Birth & Animal Totem Beaver
Plant Totem Wild Clover
Stone Totem Jasper - Bloodstone
Polarity Totem Snake
Affinity Color Yellow
Musical Vibration D Sharp
Personality Determined, Resourceful. Opinionated, Methodical
Feelings Highly strung
Nature Industrious
Intention Possession
Positive Traits Strong-willed, Business like, Persistent
Negative Traits Possessive Self-indulgent
Sex Drive Demanding
Compatibility's Woodpeckers. Brown Bears, Geese
Conscious Aim Security through possession
Subconscious Desire Freedom from attachments
Life Path Discover and possess that which has lasting value
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Adaptability Enterprise, Compassion
Should Avoid Possessiveness, Inflexibility, Stubbornness
Summary for Deer People
Birth Dates May 21st - June 20th
Earth Influence The Flowering time
Influencing Wind The East wind
Totem Eagle
Direction The South East Winds
Element Air with Fire
Elemental Butterfly (air) Clan
Function To Observe
Birth & Animal Totem Deer
Plant Totem Mullein
Stone Totem Agate
Polarity Totem Owl
Affinity Color Orange
Musical Vibration E Natural
Personality Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody
Feelings Sensitive but superficial
Intention Versatility
Nature Lively 
Positive Traits Friendly, witty and intellectual
Negative Traits Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy & Despondent
Sex Drive Titillating
Compatibility's Crows and Otters
Conscious Aim To bring together
Subconscious Desire Mastery of the mind
Life Path Coordination
Spiritual Alchemy Yang Predominates
Should Cultivate Concentration, persistence, sympathy
Should Avoid Moodiness, inconsistency and superficiality
Summary for WoodPecker People
Birth Dates June 21st - July 21th
Earth Influence The Long days time
Influencing Wind The South wind
Totem Mouse
Direction The South South East Winds
Element Water
Elemental Frog (water) Clan
Function To Merge
Birth & Animal Totem Woodpecker
Plant Totem Wild Rose
Stone Totem Rose Quarts
Polarity Totem Goose
Affinity Color Rose
Musical Vibration F Natural
Personality Emotional, Sensitive, protective and vulnerable
Feelings Maternal/Paternal. Romantic
Intention Devotions
Nature Exacting 
Positive Traits Imaginative, Tender, Thrifty & Sympathetic
Negative Traits Possessive, Moody and Unforgiving
Sex Drive Needful
Compatibility's Snakes, Wolves and Beavers
Conscious Aim Emotional unfoldment
Subconscious Desire Timeliness
Life Path Assimilation
Spiritual Alchemy Yin Predominates
Should Cultivate Intuitiveness, Resourcefulness, Forgiveness
Should Avoid Self-pity, Envy, Possessiveness
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